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the future

the future today is the endof all that we wereof all that we promisedourselvesand each other you thought I was perfectfor youyou saidbut you said itin the past tenseand not the presentsotoday is the endof the future *** Click here … Continue reading

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Yesterrow and Tomorday

AnElephantCant claim he’s linguistic He has not yet quite taken leave of his senses But he finds fascination In this new education Some languages apparently do not employ different tenses Instead they use only the present Much as AnElephant does … Continue reading

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The Best of Times, The Worst of Rhymes

AnElephantCant forget the old days When summers were long and hot He was young strong and immortal And time stood still or so he thought But the future grows forever smaller The past gets greater every day The present moves … Continue reading

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