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she walks bridges

Click here to hear the poet read the poem: she walks bridges he has so many reasons to love her the girl with the smile that bewitches he believes she is half mermaid he knows that she walks bridges she … Continue reading

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sorrow flows

Click here to hear the poem read aloud: my sorrow widens like a river in torment as it flows under a bridge of my tears and sighs like the wind in the darkness dispensing the seeds of my fears deep … Continue reading

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the sea is dark and angry threatening the final flood waves hurl themselves on jagged rocks retreat in frothing blood yet water is the key to life perhaps Nature’s greatest miracle the moon conducts the tidal suite wind and percussion … Continue reading

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I think of the pictures that dance in my head I guess I am speaking of dreams They visit in the hours I’m asleep in my bed And I know they are flakes of moonbeams  Sometimes I awaken and ask … Continue reading

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blues meet

waves cast themselves on tumbled rocks drenching surprised shod feet my eyes are fixed on that dark line where sea and sky blues meet sun struggles through grey threadbare clouds with no faint hint of ambition sharp hooked moon soars … Continue reading

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behind the moon

the sky over the Med is blue but dull knowing that evening will be here soon the clouds race out on eastbound winds and pass behind the too pale moon the gentle beach is softly lapped by waves like a … Continue reading

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the difference

the difference AnElephant says hey little bird do you think we can be friends I don’t think so you’ve no feathers you have tusks and a nose that bends AnElephant says hey slithering snake do you want to come and … Continue reading

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Alliterative Onomatopoetic Oxymorons

AnElephantCant claim to be erudite He just wasn’t very well teached At speling and gramer He’ll just yammer and stammer But he still plans to discuss figures of speech Alliteration is likeably laughable Fine folk fairly foolishly find funny A … Continue reading

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