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mystery train

mystery train you tell me I can sailon the Marie Celestealong the Milky Wayand scrawl my poemson Orion’s Beltif I just believein you you tell me I can rideon the mystery trainthrough the icy rings of Saturnor sing my songson … Continue reading

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loss while in Scotland this summereven on those nightswhen the dark heavenssparkled with the eyes of a thousand loversI could not locate Orion this left me strangely unsettledfor reasonsI still don’t quite understand but it reminds mein a wayof my … Continue reading

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destiny moonbeams enchanted by the wavesevade the midnight skythe sea restless yet unperturbedblows gentle kisses to the shore Orion pauses not in his pursuittill morning shadows hide his preythen he must wait for worlds to turnto fulfil his destiny and … Continue reading

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night birds

Click here to hear the poet read his words: night birds east winds blow from frosted Alps ransack the barren sands spume driven from ignoble waves futile as empty hands breakers crash on broken steps rocks and pebbles rumble down … Continue reading

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in two

Ear Phones Recommended: I thought you broke my heart in two on the day that you left me but I walk barefoot on golden sands in paradise on the Mediterranean Sea I write gentle words of poetry I see mermaids … Continue reading

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The Explosion – Sunday Photo Fiction

AnElephantCant write very good English He is guilty of ungrammatical slang And whatever he pens Is always in the present tense But he hopes this cracker goes off with a bang This is a weekly invitation to write a short piece … Continue reading

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Night Sky – Ligo Haibun Challenge

AnElephantCant ride on a horsey He is too monumentally heavy for that They have not built the saddle He can comfortably straddle He just leaves the poor gee gee squashed flat The Haibun Ligo Challenge is a weekly event now … Continue reading

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