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AnElephant in a Funk over Petanque

AnElephantCant pretend to understand boules He is not yet quite French enough for that He is probably better If he takes off his sweater And wears a beret instead of a hat The rules of the game seem to be … Continue reading

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Europe vs USA – This Time it’s Nonsensical

AnElephantCant claim to be sporty His hand/eye co-ordination is rank He can’t run or jump On a bike he’s a chump But he can take on the world at petanque AnElephantCant win many contests But believe us at this he … Continue reading

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To a Toothache

AnElephantCant write verse like Oor Rabbie In comparison he’s just a big fake They have one thing in common They prefer embalming To suffering the dreaded toothache Now Rabbie was never a doctor He couldn’t cure colds coughs or sneezes … Continue reading

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