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a long way

a long way it seems a long way from that first glimpsethat sends the heart into somersaultsand causes the mind to reconsiderall its previous scepticismabout love at first sight to when we walk togetheron a soft shorelinecaressed by moonbeamsthat coyly … Continue reading

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A Very Scottish Romance (with Translation)

AnElephantCant explain to all non-Scots The peculiarities of our native culture But there is always a chance If you go to a dance You might meet some demented half-starved weird-looking vulture  His opening gambit may well prove a challenge His … Continue reading

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AnElephantCant Swear Like a Trooper

AnElephantCant use bad language Even when he gets somewhat irate He abstains from both A cuss and an oath Preferring to say something appropriate So he likes to consider his options And to reply sensibly and quite slowly Despite what … Continue reading

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