Pullman is Cool Man

City of Pullman, WA

City of Pullman, WA

AnElephantCant claim to be smart
He doesn’t know much about Geography
But as an Ayrshire lad
It would be quite sad
If he did not recognise an undulating topography

The rolling hills are like deep brown seas
In their covering of winter’s dull stubble
He sees still birds of prey
Over the Palouse Scenic Byway
As he hurtles south in his automotive bubble

He passes some time in Pullman
Not really anyone’s idea of heaven
It’s a neat little place
But the smile on his face
Is because he makes friends with John and Curtis and Evan

City of Pullman, WA & Lewiston, ID on the Snake River

City of Pullman, WA & Lewiston, ID on the Snake River

The town has a quite superb bookshop
He has breakfast and peruses it later
A nice lady named Kary Lee
Is sketching customers quite merrily
He discovers she is a children’s book illustrator

Those of you who have previously popped in here
Know that AnElephant loves rivers and bridges
He gets quite excited
With passion unrequited
And his camera-wielding trunk trembles and twitches

Along the sinuously slithering Snake River
AnElephant splits his sides
Thinks of that Frankie fellow
As he nears Walla Walla
Is it so good they named it twice?

The City of Pullman, WA

The City of Pullman, WA

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