Ticket to Ride – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

AnElephantCant quite make out this picture
He thinks it may be the reflection of a bus
He decides to stick with it
It is just the ticket
So he writes a funny story without any fuss

This is a weekly invitation to write a short piece of fiction (c. 150 words) based on a photo prompt (below) provided by Alastair.
Follow the link to be transported into a whole world of fiction.
But please don’t get off until you read AnElephant’s contribution to this omnibus.

Copyright Alastair Forbes

Copyright Alastair Forbes

Ticket to Ride

The nuisance always takes the seat next to him.
It does not matter where he decides to sit.
Upstairs or downstairs, window or aisle, bags beside him or not, they always pick him out unerringly.
And talk to him.
Usually unintelligible drivel.
Sometimes conspiracy theories.
Or Big Brother government agency intrusion.
Or, worst of all, a diatribe about the local soccer team.
How come the loony always chooses me, he asks his friends.
There are plenty of other folk, and lots of empty seats, but every time!
They laugh at him.
It is because you are so kind and easy-going!
But he does not mind so much now.
Not since he discovered the solution.
He just leaves his pack of sandwiches behind when he gets off.
And knows that at least this guy will never bother him – or anyone else – ever again.

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25 Responses to Ticket to Ride – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

  1. nightlake says:

    what a cruel man! but a well-written and creepy story


  2. emmylgant says:

    Great story.
    Le cadeau empoisonne…
    and he don’t care
    Just the price of the fare
    And it’s done.
    AnElephant is funny


  3. Steve Lakey says:

    A deeply sinister twist at the end. It’s certainly made me think twice about eating sandwiches found on the bus! 🙂


  4. I think he’ll be back! You’ve given him bus sandwiches – he’s bound to want more and the word will spread! 🙂


  5. iamfunny2 says:

    What’s in those sandwiches? Can’t decide if I like your idea or am a little scared by it. Funny story.


  6. Do we have a serial killer a large, taking out annoying commuters one pastrami on rye at a time?


  7. misskzebra says:

    When the penny dropped, I laughed. If you’re stupid enough to eat bus sandwiches, you deserve what you get. 🙂


  8. Al says:

    BTW – The puddle is beside where I met you 🙂


  9. Al says:

    I was confused with the image at first, until I realised you had flipped it 🙂

    I like that. I wonder what “pleasantness” he puts into his sandwiches? 😀


    • Trying to suss it, Al!
      Just in case a small dose of reality might kick in.
      Didn’t happen this time, but AnElephant lives in hope.
      ps Gotta think it is something reasonably fatal, given AnElephant’s usual body count!


  10. paulmclem says:

    I thought…what the heck has this got to do with the picture?..THEN i saw the bus. Great spot!


    • AnElephantCant be sure what the picture is.
      But he is rarely constrained by trivia like facts or reality or actual images.
      He tends to just see something and fly off at a – usually irrelephant – tangent.


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