she fits



she fits2

she fits by anelephantcant

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those special early days of love
are full of countless sweet discoveries
you stumble teeter to the brink
then make astonishing recoveries

the first time that she takes your hand
when the wind enchants her hair
you swim in those deep sea-green eyes
you will follow anywhere

somehow she fits into your arms
like no woman you ever met before
no matter how much time you spend
you still want to see her more and more

the poet searches for the words
to describe a mood already captured
and violins strive to emulate
the song of a soul enraptured

but happiness is transient
moments of joy are sadly fleeting
and all too soon you lose the sound
of two hearts as one fast beating

and then you ask yourself again
what foolish thoughts your spirit dreamed of
and you wait until the next time for
those special early days of love

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10 Responses to she fits

  1. Two hearts open to romance, flirting, learning and reveling in each other. Can there be a more happy time in life?


  2. Al says:

    Beautiful piece of poetry from my favourite Pachyderm. Sadness and hope.


  3. Dear Elephant,

    I’d rather like to think that early love deepens into something lasting. It’s not always that way is it? Lovely and I enjoy the elephant’s voice.

    Shalom and Happy Valentine’s Day ❤



  4. Dale says:

    Ahhh… those first days of discovered love. Best feeling in the world, eh?


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