edge of sight

edge of sight by phil burns

edge of sight by phil burns

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then through the darkest hour of night
we see a glimpse
a hint of light
a candle flickering
or a glinting star
in distant sky
and in the very edge of sight
perhaps a subtle flash of white

we venture on our worry slight
we see no need
for fear or flight
a shadow moves
catches the eye
we hear a sound
a sob or sigh
the heart may tell us what is right
but the price of love defies delight

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7 Responses to edge of sight

  1. Al says:

    It is always great to hear my friend’s voice when reading his poems. You do a fantastic job, and hearing you read it with the emotion where it is supposed to go is great. Thank you for sharing


  2. Dear Elephant,

    The last line strikes this heart. I hear so much emotion mingled with fatigue in the voice. Be well, my friend. Beautiful poem.




  3. emmylgant says:

    The first time I read this, I stopped breathing after the last two lines, then read it at least twice more. This time I savored it anew ( read it again, pacing and rolling with the flow) and you brought to mind Elizabeth Bishop’s poem “Casabianca”, the last line of which is ” Love’s a burning boy”.
    Un bon poème n’a pas d’age et est toujours neuf.


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