With no direction home like a complete unknown

AnElephantCant deny they are brilliant
You gotta love Mick’s dulcet tones
Best band in the world
Just ask any girl
She’ll tell you it’s The Rolling Stones

50 years since they started rocking
Yet for some the memory still lingers
Half a century of action
And so much Satisfaction
A big hand for their Sticky Fingers

They said It’s All Over Now a long time ago
The Little Red Rooster was strutting so proud
A Heart of Stone
A Nervous Breakdown
They told us to Get Off My Cloud

The Horses were Wild the Sugar was Brown
Dice Tumbled and Time was the Last
Honky Tonk Women
Street Fighting Man
And Jumping Jack Flash was a gas gas gas

Keith and Bill and Charlie Watts
Took Rock and Roll to a whole new level
With Ronnie Wood
Mick was so good
He showed Sympathy for the Devil

Ruby Tuesday and Paint it Black
It was the way they told ‘em
A Fool to Cry
As Tears Go By
And The Stones just keep on Rolling

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6 Responses to With no direction home like a complete unknown

  1. pennycoho says:

    Ah memories, you brought back a whole bunch with this one. Including the atmosphere of the times, it was cleaner, more (excuse the expression) groovy, but in an exciting and fun kind of way. Just reminiscing here, don’t mind me. Nice, very nice. Penny 🙂


  2. Christina ~ says:

    Some of my best memories..playing pool at the tavern….(to you its a pub? :p ) listening to the Stones…..this is awesome!! 😀


  3. mixedupmeme says:

    I hate to admit it, but I don’t think I would recognize a Rolling Stone song as a Rolling Stone song if I heard a Rolling Stone song. 😦
    Why do I hate to admit that?

    Because everyone will think…………what planet is meme living on? 🙂

    Some of us have retained some innocence.


  4. Brilliant! I love this clever and funny poem. We’ve seen them live a couple of times and their shows are electric! This will make me smile all day 🙂

    Have a good weekend 🙂


  5. Francina says:

    without a doubt., I preferred the Stones over the Beatles in those days. Very nice tribute
    Ciao, Francina


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