Hubble Bubble Double Trouble

Bubbles by Phil Burns

Bubbles by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant help but love bubbles
And not just those that come in champagne
But those cool little guys
Who float up to the skies
With all the colours of the bow after rain

They bring delight to Elephants and kiddies
You just dunk the thingy in the tube
Then the teeniest puff
Is usually enough
To create magic out of the wee hoop

And then they set off on their travels
Who knows where the adventure might stop
Will they bob along for miles
Create ten thousand smiles
Or go six inches and then suddenly pop

Bubbles in Avignon

Bubbles in Avignon

AnElephant is amazed as he sits in the main square
On a beautiful evening in Avignon
A chap doing tricks
With a string on two sticks
Is making bubbles at least two metres broad and long

Somehow they inspire us with wonder
Is it because they seem to be so ephemeral
Like a fast butterfly
They live wide and then die
They make AnElephant believe even he is redeemable

They have a fragility that tugs at our heart strings
A simplicity and a pure iridescence
These star-seeking spheres
Like AnElephant’s tears
Touch a child’s imagination like a rose petal’s blessing

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5 Responses to Hubble Bubble Double Trouble

  1. Penny L Howe says:

    IT does look like a lovely evening over there. And so is your poem, of course! xx


  2. Don’t we all just love bubbles? The kids next door have a bubble machine and I just LOVE it when they drift over our garden – the bubbles that is, not the boys, though they would be very welcome! Every time I read one of your posts, I am in awe of your ability to make poems 🙂


  3. emmylgant says:

    Une bulle a Avignon, c’est presque une bulle de pape?
    Non, je rigole. C’est beaucoup mieux, c’est un cadeau pour les reveurs de merveilles comme UnElephant, pour qu’il continue a nous apporter un monde qui nous fait sourire.
    Genial et tres beau ton poeme..


  4. j25code2 says:

    AnElephantcan’t imagine how I loved this piece, looks like we share the same awe for bubbles, and a lot of other little things.
    Your writing is a breath of fresh air for me.


  5. Alastair says:

    I love bubbles. I always give the washing up bottle a quick squeeze and watch the bubbles puff out


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