Eros and Villains

Eros relaxing, having a laugh, looking handsome

Eros relaxing, having a laugh, looking handsome

AnElephantCant hide his affection for Eros
Le chien who guards Emmy AnElephant and the house
He is quite large and hairy
And borderline scary
And not easily confused with a mouse

AnElephant thinks he is a sabre-toothed Alsatian
Or Berger Allemand as they are known in France
He prowls the perimeter
With teeth sharp as a scimitar
He does not leave anything to chance

His bark reverberates around Medville
He lets everyone know he’s en garde
If a baddy should crawl
Through or over the wall
Eros very quickly prophesies a future ill-starred

But with his friends he is a big-hearted softy
Whose sole purpose is to make AnElephant walk
Very first thing each morning
With no subtlety or warning
He drags him out with no pretence at small talk

He has invented a new game called Clack Clack
Which involves a large yellow slabbery rubber bone
And a set of kitchen tongs
Which he frequently wrongs
By chewing like a cone when the bone is thrown and has flown like a stone through the ozone into the unknown

In the evening the pair stroll under starlight
AnElephant pretends he is in charge but well knows it’s not true
It is easy to tell
Because when Eros makes a smell
It is AnElephant who picks up the pooh

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4 Responses to Eros and Villains

  1. Penny L Howe says:

    He’s beautiful as are your written words! 🙂 xo


  2. emmylgant says:

    Eros is quite happy to chase the bone
    AnElephantCan throw to destinations unknown.
    but he doesn’t know what you mean by wee dug
    Eros is a people on four legs he shrugs.


  3. julespaige says:

    Awe. Good to have four footed furry friends.


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