Bibliophilia is Thrillier not Sillier

Gifts of Words by AnElephantCant

Gifts of Words by AnElephantCant

AnElephantCant even nearly spell the word
But he tries to describe it with a literary smile
Despite his athletic good looks
AnElephant just adores books
Yep he is a lifelong card-carrying always-one-in-his-pocket bibliophile

AnElephantCant explain the compulsion or attraction
Which at one time means they fill nearly his whole home
But now he is peripatetic
His collection is pathetic
Two paperbacks and only one favourite thought-provoking tome

Both his readers know he loves poetry and poets
Especially Robert Burns near whose birthplace he oft roamed
So you may find this amazing
But it’s his second favourite Canadian
The treasure he carries is the Book of Longing by Leonard Cohen

AnElephant is habitually transcendentally calm
But now he has to report this quite excitedly
When he has the need
To find something to read
He stumbles cheerfully along to his local library

Now he confesses to owning a Kindle
But please do not consider this too dreadfully outrageous
On a train or a plane
It is a serious pain
To transport book after book with millions of pages

But this is a convenience and not a dolce far niente lifestyle
Please heed the screeds that he needs to plead here
He peruses many a thought shaper
Produced on well-thumbed wrinkled paper
AnElephant has a lifetime commitment to the good old fashioned analogue reader

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21 Responses to Bibliophilia is Thrillier not Sillier

  1. What an utterly brilliant poem…and I have a kindle too although you can’t beat the crinkled paper.


  2. Nothing smells quite like a book. I wonder when someone will come up with the ability to add that optionto the ereaders. 😉


  3. So sweet…I love books on paper but I also have a Fire and read a bit on there too!


  4. I don’t have a digital reader, which is strange given how much I publish online. Love me the paper.


  5. Al says:

    Glad you have in your possession a kindle
    So you can hold a billion and six books
    So you can always read
    While the women plead
    To get a glance at your dashing good looks


  6. Anja says:

    Awwww….Hallelujah, 🙂
    You go your way…I’ll go your way too!
    The marvelous Cohen but I must confess I carry my iPad around with me everywhere I go. 🙂 I use to have guilt, shame about this but I realized I could have so many books with me wherever I go.
    Although, I still love the smell of an old musty bookstore.


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