AnElephant and AnAngel

AngElephant by Penny L Howe*

AngElephant by Penny L Howe*

AnElephantCant write about angels
He knows nothing of such ethereal things
You perhaps think he should
Try more often to be good
So he can understand just why the heavenly choir sings

But AnElephant does not scribble on these matters
He wonders more about the halo suspended over an angel’s head
A shiny circular light
A bit like a deck quoit
So where does she put it when she is tucked up in bed

This brings AnElephant neatly to his second question
How can she sleep in those lovely white wings
Does she remove them and brush them
So that she doesn’t crush them
And slip them back on when the alarm clock rings

So now he comes up with his third silly query
Which even he is embarrassed to ask aloud
Does she strum on a harp
Perhaps in C sharp
While lounging languidly on a big white fluffy cloud

In movies over the years there are hosts of angels
Warren B and John T are both star ones
Charlie’s are aces
Cagney’s have Dirty Faces
And in Wonderful Life Jimmy Stewart’s is called Clarence

AnElephantCant finish without an explanation
Of this little rhyme for what it is worth
He has a darling daughter
Who may not walk on water
But she is his angel down here on this earth

Penny, AnElephant’s dearest friend, writes inspirationally at:

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5 Responses to AnElephant and AnAngel

  1. That’s all you can ask for here on earth. Your daughter on earth. The answers to more are mysteries for death to unfold.


  2. An angel for a daughter – we would expect no less from Anelephant! Love your poem! 🙂


  3. RoSy says:

    Oh – how sweet 🙂


  4. colonialist says:

    Pink elephant angels – that still must mean that one has been overindulging, but only in really good wines.


  5. Al says:

    I tried writing a response in a poem, but I couldn’t lol

    Great poem, and I agree, you have to go see Penny


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