forgetting by anelephantcant

forgetting by anelephantcant

the sun cowers behind black rain clouds
the sky appears more blue
the wind moans through the pine trees
perhaps they are all missing you

the waves sweep up regardless
wipe the sand clear of every clue
the pebbles rumble down unheeding
the sea leaves no trace of you

in the marina the boats rock gently
their masts form a disorderly queue
music echoes through the rigging
but their song is no longer for you

St Tropez lies dark and empty
just the yachts with smart dressed crew
the laundry now dry of teardrops
none of them with a memory of you

the auto-routes hold no pictures
Avallon the last place in view
onwards to the airport at Roissy
Paris has no time for you

the calanques have no recollection
the beach and jetty forget too
the mother and child don’t ask now
only AnElephant remembers you

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1 Response to forgetting

  1. Al says:

    Such a lovely poem and so sad. It gave me goosebumps at the end. Excellent


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