echoes by phil burns

echoes by phil burns

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I survey the wreckage of my life
and contemplate the cost
I question now the poet’s words
better to have loved and lost

without you there are no starry nights
the sky is black and dead
the only bright spot in my world
is the butterfly inside my head

I watch love trickle through your fingers
like the beach’s wind-blown sands
I feel my soul turning to dust
why can’t you give me one last chance

I think about just what went wrong
it all seems so absurd
all hope of happiness in ruins
because of one misspoken word

through the dark nights I search for you
then you stroll into my dreams
but I can’t hear your smiling voice
only the echoes of my screams

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15 Responses to echoes

  1. I had a discussion with a boyfriend once about saying unforgivable things, things once said that act as great destroyers of love, friendship, trust, relationships. I believe that words have real power. To build, to end. Not saying those unforgivable things is pretty key. Still, your poem shows the other side. The sadness of wishing for forgiveness and not getting it. Unfortunately, unforgivable things are always true things. That makes saying the truth the most dangerous thing of all. It’s a weird world.


  2. Al says:

    An awesome poem about a broken heart. It is incredible what one misspoken word, or one sentence said in the wrong context can destroy. Or saying something that was construed as something else.


    • Absolutely spot on, Al, it is truly bizarre the tiny things that can change a relationship’s dynamics.
      Thanks as always, friend of all pachyderms, for your kind words of support.

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      • Al says:

        I remember once, many years ago – many, many years ago. Long before you were born. Well, maybe not that long. There was this girl I fancied, and she fancied me. I was speaking to another friend, and I said something that was meant one way, but she took it as me saying that the new girl was a better friend. She stopped talking to me after that. Very painful.


  3. Dear Elephant,

    I’m feeling a bit left out since I don’t speak French.

    Once more your beautiful poem leaves me feeling a bereft and hollow inside. Well done tearjerker, my pachydermic friend.




    • Yes, a surprising glut of what the Scots call furrigin this week, isn’t there.
      AnElephant is happy that you like his poem so much, but less so at how it leaves you feeling.
      He sends big pink trunk hugs to his sweet friend.


  4. Dale says:

    Honnêtement, mon Éléphant préféré, tu essayes vraiment trop fort de nous rendre en larmes!
    As usual, this was a tragic poem of love lost yet again. Though, if it only took one word to destroy it all, one must wonder if she ever felt the same as he…


  5. Gyslaine L. says:

    Vraiment très beau et touchant ! Bises 🙂


  6. Benayoun Michele says:

    Ce n’est pas un “sanglot”mais un “torrent de larmes” !!!!! Tes fans vont adorer !!!!!


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