every goose every wave every tree

every goose every wave every tree

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this poet can’t possibly define beauty
I am not sure if anyone can
what makes the heart sing
depends on so many things
whether you’re a poet a woman or a man

there are those who perceive beauty everywhere
every goose every wave every tree
every child every horse
whereas others of course
roll up a newspaper when they see a bee

these are the people who never look upwards
to the castles or the clouds in the sky
they stare at their feet
as they walk down the street
and their eyes never light up with joy

the poet loves swallows and rivers
I am enchanted by rainbows a beach and the moon
a giraffe ambling by
a divine butterfly
a cicada or frog as they play nature’s tune

but I can also be moved by things man made
by cities like Venice and San Francisco I’ve savoured
by bridges fast cars
by music and art
and I’m emotionally wrecked by Michelangelo’s David

I remember watching the sun rise from the Pacific
I gaze in wonder at stars dancing above
I am utterly enthralled
because I see with my soul
and beauty is in the eyes of each person I love

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11 Responses to beauty

  1. Dear Pink Friend,

    No weeping this weekend except for tears of joy. Your beautifully written poem is a reminder to all of us to look up rather than dragging our chins along the ground. I needed this one today and, as I take a walk under today’s sunshine, I’ll carry your exquisite verses in my heart.

    Hugs, ❤ and Shalom,



  2. mandibelle16 says:

    Wow Elephant. Amazing one of my most favourite of your poems yet. I like how you write “the poet can not possibly define beauty,” it makes me smile because nevertheless, it’s something many poets will still try to do. I think you define it well in this poem. I like when “the poet” becomes”I” and we see that even people who are not poets, but both, can see natural beauty and man made beauty as well.

    It’s true I think that some people have an observational quality or maybe an ability to see the bigger picture, especially as you wrote in your lasts line that you “see with your soul” in “the eyes of each person you love.” Beauty is also found in these details but this affects how you see the bigger picture and beauty itself.

    I feel sad for the people who do not see “the people who never look upwards.” It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy lives in black and white in Kansas but after the twister she ends up in the Munchkins village, and the colours there are bright and vibrant. I think Elephant, some people never look up or explore so they never see these colours, only the dismal black and white.

    Yes, a long comment again my friend but I really loved this one. Hugs and have a great weekend Elephant 🙂


  3. Dale says:

    This is splendifereous, oh Pink One! Without having your poetic skills, I, too, find the beauty and joy in the little and large things.
    This poem has become one of my favourites…


  4. marvelous! I also see beauty in eveything and am so sorry for those who stare at their feet and never light up with joy. Love the flow and the message 🙂


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