one last tear

one last tear by phil burns

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one last tear

the most difficult thing is to start each day
knowing that you are no longer here
facing up to the fact there is no one who cares
so each morning I cry one last tear

I believed that you’d stay forever with me
you’d always be here to hug and to hold me
was I foolish to follow an impossible dream
to believe all the lies that you told me

I have never understood why you had to go
was the price of my love way too dear
are the shattered remains that you left behind
as unimportant as that one last tear

when we were together I was quite relaxed
I was seldom upset or depressed
now I view the same world in a whole different light
deep cynicism and a sense of distrust

so one last smile is all I ask for
one last kiss before you finally go
one last touch demonstrating a flake of affection
the last sign of love that I’ll ever know

then I’ll face up to the fact that nobody cares
and one last time I’ll cry one last tear

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5 Responses to one last tear

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    Makes me afraid what’s next for him, he sounds suicidal or resigned to his bleak life without her light. It’s upsettimg that he was so happy with here, at least as he remembers, but that without her he cannot find the good in the world. He has “deep cynicism and distrust.” I wonder if he gets over it, or if it always remains. Hugs my friend.


  2. willow88switches says:

    “flake of affection” – totally awesome at capturing the mixed wealth of emotions …. wow!


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