horizon by anelephantcant

Click here to hear the poet read his words:


hand in hand
we stand in love
watching sailboats
from the warm distant horizon
arrogantly into port

we see the blues
of sky and sea
merge together
in nature’s reflection
of our bodies
as our lips meet
and impatiently we embrace
to create all too briefly
a new intense horizon

cold winds blow in from the east
clouds gather overhead
warmth flees from troubled air
waves shatter on the rocks

back to back
we stand in silence
watching sailboats disappear
into the past or the future
on the other side of the horizon

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4 Responses to horizon

  1. Natasha says:

    Ah! This evocative piece of writing transported me right by the sea-side on the other side of the horizon.

    Vivid imageries. Totally blow, C.E.


  2. emmylgant says:

    AnElephantCan paints lovely images
    with a keen eye you carry on,
    pushing beyond the horizon
    to the moment of ages


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