La Guerre Eternelle


Her face was bruised and bloody
She would not tell him why
The dark haired man in the high cost suit
Just smiled as he walked by

Two brothers were still fighting
Their shirts and ties were torn
The traffic stopped the people watched
As a legend there was born

The butcher told him nothing
He wouldn’t sell his pork
The blood was spilled across the floor
In pools of light and dark

The chops were frozen solid
He had bought one yesterday
They told him they were farmyard fresh
So he took one anyway

He followed down the busy street
They loaded money into cars
He called the cops they wouldn’t come
They were fighting different wars

She showed him where the men had gone
She was afraid for him
They came back out they didn’t care
Their eyes were hard and thin


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1 Response to La Guerre Eternelle

  1. ~Lady Day says:

    Love it! you’re officially getting tweeted:)


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