Family Matters – Friday Fictioneers

AnElephantCant keep his composure
He is working himself into a frenzy
But he scratches his ears
Why Friday Fictioneers
Always seems to come out on a Wednesday

 But he will not get involved in such trivia
He must focus on his 100 word story
If he gets it right
He possibly might
Find himself happily covered in glory

The idea is to write a very short story, circa 100 words, based on a picture prompt (below).
That’s it.

Copyright: David Stewart

Copyright: David Stewart

Family Values

Dad, I can’t do this, I can’t hold on any longer.
We are almost there, hang on, son.
Please, Dad, help me, my arms are breaking.
Just a few more inches and we’ll be okay. My fingers are almost touching, just a tiny bit more.
Oh, my arms, my shoulders, my back. Dad, I can’t breathe any more.
Be strong, son, you know your mother is depending on us. My fingers are touching now!
Dad, next week can we please just tell Mum that the one at the front was the biggest, firmest melon on the stall?

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52 Responses to Family Matters – Friday Fictioneers

  1. abraham says:

    Very funny!
    And you come up with all these rhymes in response to comments!


  2. rich says:

    well, have to ask – why wasn’t the father carrying it?


  3. nightlake says:

    that was fun. Good going


  4. Of course in case of child abuse
    you put the blaim on the produce

    Thanks for the laugh


  5. elappleby says:

    Hilarious! How you got ‘reaching for melons’ from that photo prompt, I’ll never know. I’d like a tour round your brain sometime 🙂


  6. Sandra says:

    Well done for finding humour in the prompt. Very funny twist!


  7. billgncs says:

    he wasn’t a thief or a felon,
    just in search of the ultimate melon!


  8. omg, produce. what a twist.


  9. glossarch says:

    Nice twist. Reminds me of my dad’s inevitable Search for the Perfect Restaurant when everyone was starving and ready to stop at the first available one.


  10. I like this a lot, Elephant! Just keep stretching….Great story!


  11. Lady Lovely says:

    Great story! Who would have thought, produce! So clever you are!


  12. emmylgant says:

    Totally hilarious! I am sooo feeling it!
    Great job.


  13. denmother says:

    Ah, the produce aisle. Now that you mention it, the sculpture does bring that search to mind. Fabulous.


  14. As someone who peruses and chooses produce, I can identify with this. The best one is almost always just out of reach. 🙂 This was an amusing take.



  15. 😆 This is a fun story.


  16. Sarah Ann says:

    LOL. I thought something tragic was about to happen. Thank heaven for conscientious shoppers.


  17. I like your interpretation! I found myself stuck with no inspiration! 🙂


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