AnElephantCant but a Pelican

Sigismund, Pomeroy and Ichabod

Sigismund, Pomeroy and Ichabod

Hey Ichabod did you quack quack
Asked the first dog of the second
No Sigismund it was not I
I think it was the Pelican

Come on you guys says Pomeroy
Don’t forget the little duck
She is not here says Ichabod
And don’t duckies say cluck cluck

Excuse me chaps I am down here
Delilah pipes up haughtily
She glares at them and flaps her wings
And shakes her tail quite naughtily

From the left - Ichabod, Delilah, Pomeroy

From the left – Ichabod, Delilah, Pomeroy

Be careful now says Sigismund
To Ichabod do not rile her
But Pomeroy placates her with these words
Please tell us why why why Delilah

I quack quack every morning
That is just what we duckies do
If you denigrate me any more
I’ll mash you into ducky pooh

I also quack quack late at night
Just before the grey sky turns to black
Because when Mummy Duck says quack quack quack quack
Then all her little ducks come back

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8 Responses to AnElephantCant but a Pelican

  1. emmylgant says:

    A fairly silent bunch
    these threesome creatures
    But of course, it figures,
    AnElephant has a hunch
    They talk and commune
    In this house, no one is immune
    He reads faces, gives them a name
    Then nothing is the same
    A clay menagerie
    Becomes reality.


  2. Who took Delilah’s peaches?


  3. Alastair says:

    is quite odd
    is a star
    is not so coy


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