je t’aime

je t'aime by anelephantcant

je t’aime by anelephantcant

some words need no translation
like the ones I’m thinking of
I know you’ll understand me when
I speak the sweet language of love
je t’aime

I have no education
I don’t claim I am clever
but I’m smart enough to want you
deep in my heart forever
je t’aime

I loved you when we first met
I loved you more as time went by
I love you now with all my heart
and I’ll love you till I die
je t’aime

my thoughts are still unspoken
my poems remain unsigned
perhaps I wasn’t clear enough
why did I not speak my mind
je t’aime

now my last hope is forsaken
my last penny has been spent
somehow I let you walk away
not knowing what I meant
je t’aime
je t’aime
je t’aime

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11 Responses to je t’aime

  1. AnElephant has a way with words that shows his big heart, still remembering and beating strongly.


  2. mandibelle16 says:

    Elephant so sad, especially when I hear you read it! You sound heartbroken. Beautifully written.


  3. Dear Elephant,

    Lovely poem that goes straight for the heart. ❤




  4. Gyslaine L. says:

    Très beau et plein d’espoir perdu il me semble. Bises 🙂


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