the night

the night by phil burns

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the night

each evening the sun goes down
shadows move and pain hits deep
that’s when I face my inmost fears
and evade the clutch of sleep

I lie awake avoiding dreams
I pray dawn will be here soon
I know the nightmares linger still
on the dark side of the moon

the darkness drifts into my heart
I anticipate the fright
from crannies slither nameless beasts
who live and breathe the night

I huddle with wide open eyes
seeking the purity that saves
but grass and earth are thrust aside
as children leave their graves

all this I see but now I sense
black spectres’ putrid breath
the misery that feeds my life
keeps me from blessed death

I pay the price for long past sins
when I marched with Satan’s horde
because there’s a price for every soul
so I reap my just reward

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2 Responses to the night

  1. colonialist says:

    Thinking it is karma makes one calmer?


  2. mandibelle16 says:

    This is truly frightening falling asleep and dreaming Hell. Haunted my misdeeds & evil/wrong choices. Perhaps, worse because inside he knows his guilt. I found these lines chilling “from crannies slither nameless beasts/ who live and breathe the night.” That sense of being trapped in a nightmare, and the terror of knowing & fearing “long past sins” for “marching with Satan’s horde” and a “price for every soul,” causing these monsters to spring loose, to torture.

    I think the speaker feels trapped even though it’s just a nightmare, but maybe it’s more? Is it a sign of things to come or simply ominous if he like Scrooge doesn’t change his ways? Or perhaps, it’s just guilt eating at the speaker. Perhaps he should pray? Perhaps, his soul is redeemable and the price has long been paid? Just a thought.
    Happy New Years CE! Hope 2019 is treating you well, much much better than your speaker. Big Hugs my friend. 🎆🥳


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