A Breakfast Serial


Well, well.
Well, well, well.
(as the human pyramid said when asked where oil comes from)

You lot have really done it now.

You will all be familiar with the expression ‘An Elephant in the Room’.
And you will also know ‘A Bear with a Sore Head’.

Now try to imagine An Elephant with a Sore Head in the Room.

That is the situation here at AnElephantCant Castle.
(Please insert your own chess joke at this point.)

The Elephant was aware that yesterday’s was not the greatest blog of his scribbling career.
Ok, it was about international cuisine.
It was about breakfast, the most important meal of the day.
In 3 or 4 languages.
Across 5 countries.
It was in fact a vast multi-cultural epicurean scenario on how people world-wide start their day.
And it introduced an exciting new vibrant trans-European language, designed to appeal to those who find linguistics difficult.

It did not draw many visits, likes or comments.
Not a problem.
That did not upset him.
He was cool with that.

Do you want to know what upset him?
This is what upset him.
He thought that Breakfast Epiphanies was the best blog title he had ever devised.
He thought it was so good he considered doing a piece about Audrey Hepburn just so he could use it again.

And do you know how many interwebbing travellers noticed?
Zero point naff all.
Or, in Elephantese, nane at a’.

So he is miffed.
Even somewhat irked.
Not a happy bunny.

See what you have done?
So shame on you.

(Anyone got any peanuts?)

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4 Responses to A Breakfast Serial

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  2. Christina ~ says:

    I just adore this! Seriously, every time I visit you my vocabulary increases immensly 😉 Thank you for that and as for AnElephantCant’s current dilemma…I prefer to think of it as an eclectic sort of post…where only the truly refined and eccentric can propperly delight in its literary elegance, most especially the subtle nuance in the title! Not only that but, coming from this little peanut…AnElephantCant must listen! 😛


  3. lolabees says:

    Another great title in this post…


  4. mixedupmeme says:

    Funny….I did mention peanuts in a comment I made in the Breakfast Epiphanies. I should have read the Breakfast Serial first….. sorry no peanuts left. 😦


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