Homesick Hippo Chick Wearing Thick Lipstick

Helen the Hippo by Phil Burns

Helen the Hippo by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant always be sensible
Sometimes he prefers to be silly
If he hasn’t enough
Intelligent stuff
He just churns out this junk willy-nilly

He makes a spectacle of himself at the optician
During a game of Blind Man’s Buff
When sadly he wrongly
Pins a tail on a donkey
And finds that tigers play too rough

He next wanders down to the playground
Where three wise monkeys sit gossiping on the swings
Kangaroos wrassle and hassle
On the big bouncy castle
And sea lions perform Highland Flings

Cami the Croc by Phil Burns

Cami the Croc by Phil Burns

The town clock quickly does a slow handclap
Ignores the wise words of the dumb waiter
The crocodile cheers
Through the sincerest of tears
And sings see you later alligator

He now feels a little bit sheepish
The wool is pulled over his eyes by a lamb
Then a pink and green otter
With bricks made of water
Tries to liquidate him in a dam

A great artist but failed mathematician
Creates a beautiful four-panelled triptych
It depicts candle-sticks
And slick Dolphin kicks
And a homesick hippo chick wearing thick lipstick

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11 Responses to Homesick Hippo Chick Wearing Thick Lipstick

  1. Penny L Howe says:

    Your followers expressed it best, I’ll go along with the rest! 🙂


  2. I love this Brian… very lighthearted and makes me smile right now (((HUGS)))


  3. emmylgant says:

    Surreal super silly
    Very witty whimsy
    Oui, AnElephant
    est vraiment
    tres marrant.


  4. This was a witty and fun poetry. The nature channel should be so entertaining.


  5. Matilda Aya says:

    Myself in the mood to be silly
    Had a good chuckle in your willy nilly.
    Your crocodile’s eyes
    And hippo’s trim thighs
    Are sunshine on a day far too chilly!


    • AnElephantCant conceal his delight
      At a great rhyme from Matilda Aya
      He loves to announce it
      But he cannot pronounce it
      But his spirits are now soaring higher
      She writes her comment with great flair


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